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Augmenting business operations and increasing productivity across the DOD

Generative AI and Google Distributed Cloud Hosted promise to accelerate business operations and increase service member productivity across the Defense Department, said John Harvey, customer engineering manager with Google, in a recent podcast interview.

The DOD is gaining momentum in its use of AI and there are numerous opportunities on the horizon that can help defense agencies expand business process automation. That includes tasks like automating software deployment to debug code faster, integrating visual inspection applications to help maintain and monitor facilities or the application of AI patterns across remote sensing, according to Harvey.

“Where I’m most excited about the impact to service members, and federal employees as a whole really, in productivity gains.”

He explained that generative AI and large language models both have robust technical use cases for large scale document processing automation, tasks that can be viewed as “quick wins” for productivity, like the creation of documentation, conversational search, or even code creation tools.

For example, Google recently launched a product called Duet AI for developers, that can help developers complete and augment their code to help them to build relevant mission ready systems in a shorter amount of time.

“Also, we are super excited about how the DOD can leverage Google Distributed Cloud Hosted (GDCH) to move the mission forward,” Harvey said.

“A lot of times, hyperscale services aren’t available because of limited connectivity environments or isolated infrastructures, or the need to meet requirements like Impact Level 6. So, GDCH is delivering key components of Google Cloud on a stack that can meet some of those isolated environments,” he explained.

“Technologies like Kubernetes, or some of Google’s AI training models —like translation and speech to text — can further enhance the capabilities outside of the commercial cloud and either be connected to our cloud services or in a disconnected model.”

Harvey touched on Google’s long-standing focus on being an AI-first company, based on its responsible AI principals.

“We continue to update those every year as we identify new technology trends or societal impacts to make sure that we are shaping where our company is going from an AI perspective, and where we can help developers and the broader AI community.”

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