battle management

AFRL’s XQ-67A Off Board Sensing Station, or OBSS, designed and built by General Atomics, took its maiden flight Feb. 28 from Gray Butte Field Airport, Palmdale, California. XQ-67A completed several test points and safely recovered on the first of a series of flight tests. The XQ-67A is the first of a second generation of autonomous collaborative platforms. (Courtesy photo)

Air Force provides more details about plans for ‘battle management’ of AI

An amendment to a BAA revises a key technical area regarding “artificial intelligence and next-generation distributed command and control.”
Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown, Jr., addresses the audience during the Brig. Gen. Charles E. McGee Leadership Award ceremony at the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center, University of Maryland, College Park, Md., Jan 27, 2023. (U.S. Air Force photo by Andy Morataya)

Brown: Future space-based ISR will require ‘paradigm shift’ for air battle management

“We’ve got to look at not only how we do the battle management asset, but also how we do the processing, exploitation and dissemination that's associated with…