Operational AI in the U.S. Military — A DefenseScoop Special Report

A look across the U.S. military at how the services are moving AI from prototypes into operation.

The Department of Defense has asked for more than $1.8 billion in the fiscal 2024 budget cycle to support "efforts to deliver and adopt responsible AI/ML-enabled capabilities on secure and reliable platforms. Workforce development, and DOD-wide data management and modernization efforts."

While the U.S. military talks often about potential applications of AI, machine learning and other advanced technologies that branch off of AI, there are few examples where those applications have made it into operations.

In this special report, DefenseScoop looks to spotlight examples of operational AI from across the DOD enterprise — from AI for predictive maintenance and fighting illegal fishing to integrating AI into weapons systems.

The U.S. Naval Observatory celebrates the 150th birthday of one of its most important telescopes

U.S. Naval Observatory’s Geoff Chester


As it helps combat unlawful fishing internationally, NGA is ‘posturing’ for an AI-driven future

DefenseScoop was recently briefed on how data and AI are helping the agency spot illegal fishing activities in waters where they can be extremely difficult to trace.


How US Central Command’s task forces are shaping the future of operational AI

The Navy’s Task Force 59, the Air Force’s Task Force 99 and the Army’s Task Force 39 are exploring cutting-edge technologies that could give the U.S. military an edge in future fights — in any region of the world.


Air Force selects AI-enabled predictive maintenance program as system of record

The Rapid Sustainment Office’s Predictive Analytics and Decision Assistant (PANDA) is an integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning tool for predictive maintenance.


Project Linchpin aims to set Army on sustainable path toward integrating AI into weapons programs

Project Linchpin, the Army’s first program-of-record artificial intelligence operations pipeline, will first be focusing on the TITAN system.