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How an integrated DevSecOps platform speeds secure software deployment

Defense agencies are constantly looking for ways to deploy advanced software capabilities more efficiently into an integrated DevSecOps platform while adhering to the Federal government’s strict security requirements.

In a new DefenseScoop interview, Second Front Systems CEO Tyler Sweatt, GitLab Federal CTO Joel Krooswyk, and Amazon Web Services U.S. Federal Team Lead Nick Miller discuss a collaboration that’s improving that process.

Second Front, which sits between commercial software applications and national security users, makes it quicker and easier to deploy software. “We’re trying to take the time, cost, complexity out of the system so that we can be deploying software at the speed of relevance and at the speed of market,” Sweatt says.

Recognizing the need to deliver software compliant with the Department of Defense’s Impact Levels 4 and 5, Second Front Systems partnered with GitLab and AWS to speed secure software development on DOD networks by allowing federal agencies to leverage the features and capabilities of a single, integrated DevSecOps platform. “By leveraging GitLab’s AI-powered solution, software can be securely deployed into these target environments,” says Krooswyk.

According to Miller, the customer ultimately benefits most from collaborations like these, whether that’s seeing a significant reduction in how quickly they can onboard new vendors when using AWS marketplace or having a faster procurement cycle. “So, this is all about speed to mission and relevant tech to mission,” says Miller.

Sweatt also discusses how partnerships like this one are bringing efficiency to software development processes that have historically taken months or years and reducing them down to days or weeks. “Taking that time to value, that time to mission, and cutting it down to a fraction of what it used to be is an exponential lever of capability and effect,” he says.

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This video interview was produced by Scoop News Group, for DefenseScoop, and underwritten by Second Front.