John Sherman

Golden Defense

Described as the “right decision for the right time,” John Sherman has worked to lead a new era of cloud computing for the DOD away from the JEDI stigma to the Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability, which he has called a “game changer.” The Pentagon awarded the contract in December ushering in the department’s first enterprise cloud capability ranging from unclassified all the way up to top secret. “I am so excited about what JWCC brings from [outside the continental U.S.] and the edge,” Sherman said earlier this year. “Conflict with China is neither inevitable nor desirable and I want to emphasize that. [But] because we will look at what our forces might have to do inside a second island chain in the western Pacific as a Marine littoral regiment and that stand-in force … they [have] got to be able to have capabilities, compute, transport and so on, that works and is going to be there for them. That’s what JWCC is going to help bring to them.”

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