Army creating deep sensing cross-functional team

Army Futures Command will establish the new group, according to Chief of Staff Gen. Randy George.
(Photo courtesy of Bombardier Defense)

The Army will be establishing a deep sensing cross-functional team in the coming weeks, the service’s top officer said Thursday.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the McAleese Defense Programs Conference, Gen. Randy George, chief of staff, said Army Futures Command will be creating the new group. He declined to offer significant details, deferring to AFC.

Deep sensing is a top priority for the Army and Secretary Christine Wormuth.

“The first operational imperative for the Army of 2030 is really to be able to see and sense farther and more persistently at every level across the battlefield than our enemies,” she said at last year’s McAleese event. “We’ve got to be able to collect and analyze unprecedented quantities of raw data from many different sources, and that’s why we are modernizing our aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.”


Long-range precision fires has been the highest modernization priority for the Army in the past few years. In order to shoot across thousands of miles, the service must be able to see and sense the targets it needs to hit.

There had been rumblings that the Army would establish a deep sensing cross-functional team, however, officials typically demurred on that prospect until now.

The deep sensing portfolio consists of a variety of platforms from high-altitude balloons to the high-altitude jet the Army is developing to its next-generation ground station.

George noted that the Army will be looking at what capabilities are right and in what formations they should exist.

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